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Premier Waterproofing Pty Ltd is a fully licensed and insured building company involved in new construction, remedial building works and professional waterproofing.


Our company employs skilled labour covering most building trades including obscure trade specialities and can provide accurate identification of the cause of most building defects.  We advise on appropriate methods of repair and provide costed solutions. Jobs classed as difficult or that involve overlapping trades are a normal part of our activities.


Work sites include city high rise, shopping centres, home units and apartment complexes, schools, public buildings, churches, clubs, council buildings and property, factories, warehouses and limited work on free standing domestic residences.


Due to the complex nature of the works we undertake, we employ tradesmen with both traditional and specialised trade skills who also receive additional “in house” training in the use of products and systems not commonly found in the industry.


This skill base allows us to provide property owners, lawyers, architects, engineers and property managers with answers and economic solutions to water and moisture related problems.


Our principal Geoff Humby has been successfully involved in the construction and property industry in excess of forty years, starting as an apprentice carpenter and joiner, tradesman, builder, property dealer, and then studied Federal law and investigative techniques including scientific liaison, then eleven years as a working Detective with a Federal Government Department.  A return to self employment in the building industry lead to the development of unique building and waterproofing systems that were used extensively on Government and major projects.


Problem solving is a company strength where management with trade and investigative ability can inspect, analyse and provide workable solutions to building problems, then supply the skilled tradesmen to economically complete the works.


Our ability to identify complex or un-usual problems provides property owners, managers and legal profession with a very useful service and court support.


Our company employs full time estimators/designers and office support staff.  We have site supervisors, project managers and approximately twenty six (26) employed trades’ people to carry out the works, plus access to experts in the sub-trades.


We have a wide and diverse list of major established clients, and a successful track record of completing very complex projects.  These days we prefer to tender on projects up to three million dollars and have high turn-over in the ten thousand dollar to three hundred thousand dollar range.


Contracts below ten thousand dollars are a regular occurrence, mostly for existing clients.


We do not advertise extensively and rely on client recommendation and referral by Architects, Engineers, Lawyers and Property Managers for future works.  This reduces our overhead costs and gives new clients the security of involvement with a competent and ethical company.


Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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